"Photography was a passion for me from a very early age. One of the happiest days of my childhood was when my mom took me to Trenton, NJ to buy my first 35mm camera, a Minolta."

Throughout her career as an Art Director, Joann has collaborated with some of the most prominent photographers in New York City. As amazing as that was, she always wanted to be the one behind the camera.

After leaving her position as the Art Director at Perry Ellis, Joann took an important step in the process of developing her own vision as a photographer by enrolling in the School of the International Center of Photography. The year she spent there solidified her love of image making and gave her the tools to continue developing her personal vision.

She started by shooting men's fashion and accessories, but fell in love with working with children when she had the opportunity to shoot a fashion catalog called Kids for Keeps. Then when Scout, her beloved Tibetan Terrier, came into her life, Joann became fascinated with photographing him. As she began to get requests from friends to photograph their pets, she realized that she had a passion and a gift for working with these very special family members and so a new part of her creative life was born.

Joann draws upon the aesthetic she has developed as an Art Director when she shoots resulting in images that are simple, beautiful and timeless. She loves giving family pets the spotlight they deserve!